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Welcome to Create Fusion Pro’s first design contest!
The rules are simple.  From October 20th through November 15th we challenge you, the talented designers and artists of this group to create a new piece (be it illustration, print design, web design, or any other form of design accepted by this group) using only 4 colors.  

1. Create a new piece with “CFP 4 Color” in the title.
2. Submit it to the group.
3. If it fits the requirements for the contest we’ll add it to a Journal Entry tracking the contest.
4. At the end a panel of judges will go through all the submissions and pick the top three.  

Two runners-up together get a featured interview/write up here on Creative Fusion to help spread your name and glory.

One Grand Prize Winner gets a full page feature all to themselves and a 3-month subscription to DA!

A few questions answered:
Do black and white count as colors?
For the purpose of this contest, yes. That means Red, Yellow, Black, and Blue are four colors, not three.

Can I use gradients?
Yes! The requirement is that the start color and the end color must be from your palette of four colors.  

Can I use different tints or shadows of the four colors?
Not unless they’re part of your palette.


Please list your four colors in your entry!
There are only a a few that have been submitted to the contest folder that actually qualify.  Additionally, in with regards to web design thumbnail photography and imagery is not counted with regards to the design.  As most photos and some logos can't always be color corrected to fit into the constraints of the four colors.

Any image submitted to the contest folder that was submitted without the four colors listed in the description after Monday morning will be removed.

Also, please place the “CFP 4 Color” text in the title.  Not having in the title won't disqualify you... it just helps us recognize that you've read the rules.
JWDesignCenter Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2010  Professional Interface Designer
yay i'm super excited for this one... not sure yet whether i'll do a webdesign, something for print or an illustration. :)
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Submitted on
October 20, 2010